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Flooding is still a situation that is closely watched in the region. Due to the risk of flooding, nothing can be left to chance. However, the indicators are reassuring for the moment.

The Vaudreuil-Soulanges RCM confirms that it has already had two meetings with Hydro-Québec in connection with the water level. As of March 23rd , the water level is low and there is no indication that flooding could occur.

The small amount of snow received in 2021 is one of the factors explaining the situation. Since the water from the melting snow covering the Abitibi territory flows into the Ottawa River, it is this situation that regularly explains the flooding.

“Currently, the thawing is not happening too quickly, confirms the prefect of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges RCM and mayor of Rivière-Beaudette Patrick Bousez. Unless we get heavy rains, there shouldn’t be any flooding.”

Mr. Bousez also explains that the snow cover has considerably decreased and that the prognosis do not suggest anything, that the situation is still being closely monitored. “You should know that Hydro-Québec controls only 40% of the Ottawa River watershed. So, for every 1000 cubic meters, Hydro-Québec only controls 400. This means that 600 cubic meters flow naturally. Still, forecasts show that there is no cause for concern at this time, but we are keeping our eyes open for possible developments.”

Steve Sauvé


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