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During the press conference on Tuesday, October 13th , the Premier of Quebec, François Legault announced that the red zone was expanding to new regions. Consequently, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield and Haut-Saint-Laurent are in the red zone as of Friday, October 16th .

This change of zone level means in concrete terms that the sanitary measures in place will be less permissive. Briefly, it will be forbidden to welcome visitors to their homes. However, people living alone will be able to welcome a single visitor in order to break the isolation. Also, it is permissible to receive at home a caregiver, a person offering a service or labor for planned work.

Sports and Leisure

No sports and leisure activities will be permitted. The training halls will have to close their doors. In addition, no competition will be allowed. It should be noted that the indoor sports facilities will remain open for free practice, but access to the changing rooms will not be authorized.

Secondary Schools

From now on, all students will be required to wear a face cover at all times in the school and on school grounds. Extracurricular activities, school trips and inter-school activities will be suspended. The presence in class for secondary 4 and 5 students will be alternating, every other day. It should be noted that this measure does not apply to students with disabilities or with adaptation or learning difficulties who attend a special school, a special class or the Work-Oriented Training Path.

CHSLD and private residences for seniors

Visits by family caregivers will be authorized. However, only one per visit will be allowed. Also, humanitarian aid visits will still be permitted.

Economic sectors

Performance halls, cinemas, theaters, and museums will have to close, as will libraries, with the exception of loan offices. Regarding restaurants, the dining rooms will no longer be open to customers, but it will still be possible to order take out and have it delivered directly to our home. Also, bars, brasseries and taverns will be closed again.

Retail businesses, boutiques and businesses offering cosmetic or personal care will remain open.

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