The last of three information and opinion exchanges focusing on the ultimate fate of Saint Lazare’s Dunes Lake forest and land will take place tomorrow morning.

Supporters of Dunes Lake in Saint Lazare have been attending three information “brainstorming sessions” the last of which will take place tomorrow morning. At issue is whether or not the town should preserve Dunes Lake forest, which included the lake and beach. (Photo: Kristina Edson)

Last opinion exchange tomorrow

The town decided to host the open meetings it has dubbed “brainstorming sessions” instead of pushing through a loan bylaw that would have been used to buy some 20 lots surrounding Dunes Lake. The bylaw, called a sector tax by many, would have been paid for by a small segment of Saint Lazare residents living in the areas immediately surrounding Dunes Lake.

In an earlier interview, Saint Lazare communications officer Elaine Gadoury said the town’s council wanted to hear what residents have to say. A final decision is expected to be postponed until after the November, 2013 municipal elections.

Dunes Lake supporters say they will work hard to make sure a “green council” is elected.

Last meeting tomorrow

The final information exchange meeting will be held on July 14, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., at the Saint Lazare Community Centre, located at 1301 rue du Bois in Saint Lazare.

Another morning meeting attended by close to 30 residents was held last Sunday, while an evening meeting was held Wednesday.

Dunes Lake forest is an environmentally sensitive old-growth forest that is said to be home to several important plant, animal and bird species. The land, 1,045,000-square-feet in total, includes Dunes Lake and the forest surrounding it. It directly abuts the Bordelais Bog, which is a protected nature park. The land belongs to developer Aloes Investments Inc., which had planned to build homes on some lots and a road on others.

On any given day during the year the forest and its walking trails, as well as Dunes Lake and its beach are used by families, children, dog walkers, hikers and more.

A reserve the municipality has placed on the Dunes Lake land is good until April 5, 2014. If the reserve is lifted the land will revert back to Aloes Investments Inc.

Kristina Edson

Kristina Edson


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