Farmers are invited to participate in La Vitrine agricole, which is powered by the Salon de l’Agriculture, from February 2nd  to the 12th  inclusive.

During this year of change and adaptation, the Salon de l’Agriculture team has had to change the way it operates for its annual event. La Vitrine agricole brings together more than 100 interactive and educational components on the latest development in agriculture.

“As of February 2nd , people that are registered will be able to access live events such as conferences, panels and Q&A sessions, explains Gaston Doré, Director of Communications and Marketing. The great thing about the Web format is that all events will be viewable again until February 28th .”

Mr. Doré clarified that the events will run from February 2nd  to the 12th , but that the content will remain available to the public until the end of February.

According to the director of communication and marketing, several thousands of people are expected throughout the 10 days that La Vitrine agricole will take place. Mr. Doré mentions that each year people from all over the world such as Belgium, France and the United States come to learn a little more about the developments on Canadian soil.

Financing during the pandemic

As the event is free for everyone, VIVA MÉDIA asked Gaston Doré about funding methods. He advises that speakers and exhibitors who want a virtual booth have to pay to participate. In addition, they can count on Farm Credit Canada (FCC) which remains their main partner.

People interested in the event can register for free at:

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