The Vaudreuil-Soulanges RCM has just launched an online survey to develop its Plan régional des milieux humides et hydriques, (Regional plan for wetlands and water resources) (PRMHH).

This process aims to reach out to all citizens, stakeholders and contributors of the territory in connection with the protection of these environments. An interactive online survey, lasting approximately 8 minutes, is available until October 5th at (French only).

“This consultation will allow the RCM to collect concerns, suggestions, expectations and any other comments from the community in order to contribute to and improve the process of its PRMHH”, informs the prefect of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges RCM, Patrick Bousez. “The information gathered through this survey will help to contribute to the development of conservation objectives that are faithful to the reality and the expectations of citizens, stakeholders and contributors of the territory”, he adds.

If you have any questions and comments or to submit information or documentation to the RCM in connection with the development of its PRMHH, simply contact the following email address:

What is a PRMHH?

Since the entry into effect of the Act respecting the conservation of wetlands and water resources in 2017, regional county municipalities (RCMs) have the obligation, by June 16th , 2022, to develop a regional plan for wetlands and water resources to the scale of their territory.

The PRMHH is a planning document that aims to conserve the wetlands and water resources of interest present on the territory of a RCM, taking into account the ecological functions they fulfill and the benefits they render to the community. Decisions on the conservation of these environments must also be compatible with the planning and development of the territory.

For details of the RCM’s PRMHH development process, you are invited to visit the RCM’s website at (French only)

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