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Since the clearcutting issue in Sainte-Marthe came to light, several citizens of Sainte-Marthe approached VIVA MÉDIA, in order to share their experience with Pierre-Olivier Limoges.

According to a citizen who wishes to remain anonymous, the climate has been toxic in the rural municipality since the arrival of Mr. Limoges. He confides that normally the people of Sainte-Marthe live peacefully and that those who wish to settle there are welcomed into the community.

“The new owner only provokes and intimidates the people who interact with him, says the citizen. Afterwards, he makes a press release and plays the victim.”

The man adds that many citizens are being intimidated by Mr. Limoges. Which is why they are too scared to go out in public.

“What’s going on is serious, he says. The residents live in fear of this man and he must stop his acts of intimidation.”

Testimonials are snowballing

On the Facebook group, Citoyen de Sainte-Marthe, several reacted to our article about intimidation towards Nancy De Bellefeuille.

A resident of Rivière-Beaudette, Élodie Séguin recounts the cavalier attitude of Mr. Limoges. She explains that he threatened her on several occasions.

“So far, a death threat complaint has been lodged with the police and has gone to the prosecutor’s office, said Mrs. Séguin. If someone ever experiences the same thing, it’s important to report it!” Cindy Kruller has also been intimidated.

“Instead of coming and talking to us like a normal good neighbor, his first thought is to obtain legal counsel”, she emphasizes.

Nancy De Bellefeuille, investigator of the denunciations, resident of Chemin Saint-Guillaume, lives a few houses from the property in question. Since the start of the clearcutting, Mrs. De Bellefeuille has been involved in the Facebook group, Citoyen de Sainte-Marthe. Having made publications where she denounces the situation and tries to get answers, the latter explains that Pierre-Olivier Limoges targeted her.

“He told my husband he was going to buy us out and that he was going to kick us out, she says. He even started honking in front of the house in the early morning, daytime and late evening. It startled my 5 year old daughter who was wondering what was going on.”

The woman wants the intimidation to stop. She doesn’t want any problem with Mr. Limoges and doesn’t understand his cavalier attitude. “He says that I am doing defamation, says Nancy De Bellefeuille. I didn’t do any of that and I don’t understand his relentlessness.”

Citizens of Sainte-Marthe, if you live in a similar situation and would like to provide a statement, we are your voice. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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