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In the wake of the clearcutting on 20-hectare of land at 1495, chemin Saint-Guillaume, the citizen movement is taking another step forward by launching a petition for exemplary legal measures to be taken against the owner. It has already collected more than 800 signatures in less than a week.

Photo Mathis Denis

The petition Demande de mesures disciplinaires exemplaires pour activités illégales de coupe à blanc d’une érablière à Sainte-Marthe (Request for exemplary disciplinary measures for illegal clearcutting activities of maple trees in Sainte-Marthe) looks at all the shortcomings that the owner has made since the beginning of the case. It reports Mr. Limoges’s denial of respecting the Sainte-Marthe regulations and non-compliance with the CPTAQ order.

“We are living in a serious situation in our municipality, explains Brigitte Brabant, a citizen of Sainte-Marthe. We have one of our citizens who ignores the regulations and that is disappointing.”

Mrs. Brabant and the other citizens involved want intervenors at all decision-making levels to coordinate in order to render a decision and take exemplary disciplinary measures.

“We found that the intervenors had difficulty taking the case in hand. Citizens and the media had to get involved in order to move the case forward. The system is much too cumbersome administratively. This is what led to this ecocide. If all the players had intervened with force and speed, we would not have reached 20 hectares of razed forest.”

The signatures explained

On the petition site, people who have signed can leave a comment explaining their decision. Here are a few.

I find it unbelievable that we are not protecting these trees that are not harmful or have any diseases. In addition, the deforestation of this area takes away natural habitats for animals.

Because there is enough space and land already cleared to build without having to clear cut. Our forests are far more important than any reason to build homes or any cultivation.

Enough with destroying, without foundation, nature so precious to our environment, to our air. As citizens, we must collectively respect the laws and good manners.

I am a native of this area and I care about its development for future generations.

The citizen group invites people to sign the petition on the Facebook group Citoyen de Sainte-Marthe.

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