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The month of May in Ormstown began where April left off with cooler than normal temperatures.

By the third week of the month, a heat wave began with two days having a high above 30 degrees, and the spring seeded crops putting on a burst of growth. The average for the month was 14.1 degrees, which was the eighteenth warmest in 55 years, compared to: last year—12.9 // 10 year average—14.3//50 year average—13.3//hottest 1998—16.8//coldest 1967—9.2. The end of May brought more weather problems with a low temperature of 0 degrees in the Stevenson screen and minus 3 on the ground which caused frost damage on some corn and soybean crops but, more importantly, caused a lot of damage in the apple orchards. The complete loss can only be determined at harvest time but it is certain that the crop will be reduced. In many cases, unfortunately, it is the same farmers who were affected by the poor maple syrup season. Total rainfall for the month was only 10 mms. or 0.4 inches. Our area was extremely fortunate to have received 85 mms. of rain and melted snow in the last 2 weeks of April which has saved the field crops for the time being.

Burlington, Vermont has reported NINE consecutive months with precipitation below normal. To look on the positive side, Ormstown had only 6 of those same months below normal precipitation but much more rain will be needed shortly to avoid significant crop yield declines.

Corn heat units for May were 399 compared to 369 last year, which was a very cool month, and the normal total of 408.

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