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Fifth Coolest July in 54 Years. The average temperature for July in Ormstown was the coolest since 2009 measuring 19.7 degrees compared to:

Ten year average—21.1// fifty year average—20.9// hottest 2020—23.7// coldest 1992—18.0. The very cool temperatures in 1992 were attributed to the dust that spewed into the upper atmosphere from the MOUNT PINATUBO eruption in the Philippines on June 15, 1991. There is no explanation for the very cool month of July this year except that it followed the second warmest June in 54 years and weather extremes always tend to average out. Rainfall this July was 125 mms.

(4.9 inches) which is 45% above normal. Total precipitation for the year so far is now 525 mms. which is only 79 mms. (3.1 inches) below normal in spite of the extremely dry month of May. Total days of 30 degrees or more were one day in July and four days in June compared to the record set last year with 15 days in July and 7 days in June. Heat units were 749 for the month compared to the ten-year average of 799. The total for the growing season beginning on May 10 is 1904 which is 42 above normal.

Crop development has slowed down measurably due to the cool, cloudy month following the exceptional growth in June which combined the second warmest temperatures on record and abundant rainfall. Little progress has been made on cereal harvest so far due to the wet fields, which are easily rutted up, and the high grain moisture level.

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