During the summer season, thanks to the passion and dedication of the teachers, a world of magic took hold of École Saint-Eugène, located in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. Five female teachers initiated the idea of transforming the school into Hogwarts, in reference to the famous school of magic in the Harry Potter universe.

Photo École Saint-Eugène

It is impossible to put into words the extent of the work carried out to provide a magical start to the school year for students who certainly did not expect to find their school illuminated by the passion and love of teachers. Nothing has been left to chance and no effort has been spared to offer a school year that will mark the imaginations of young and old.

Upon entering the establishment, one immediately notices the luminous path suspended along the corridor. Very close to the entrance, banners bearing the image of the coat of arms of the houses of Hogwarts stand proudly. A few steps in the illuminated corridor are enough to understand that the school has put on its finest assets to provide a memorable student experience. Magic is in every corner. Each teacher participated in embellishing their class according to this common project. At first glance, it is obvious that they have generously put their time and money into creating a universe that is defined down to the smallest detail.

Candles and hanging keys, an owl that sits on a mailbox to let students know they have mail. Multicolored umbrellas seem to be balanced on the ceiling. School material adapted to the colors of Hogwarts. Classes bearing the colors of the houses and advocating the values of the latter. Suitcases unloaded directly from another universe stand here and there in classrooms. Hundreds of accessories, arranged in every corner. Handcrafted reward systems offer Gold Galleons to deserving students. Brooms that seem to float as if by magic. The details are impressive. Magic is everywhere at École Saint-Eugène!

Do more for the sake of children

It was last May that the project began in the hearts of the five teachers responsible for the special committee. They spent dozens of hours of their personal time developing the project. Their entourage was also involved. Although they remain discreet about the amount disbursed, coming from their personal pockets, it is obvious that the amount is worth while. During the summer, the latter traveled to the school to set up the many details for the start of the school year. Asked what their motivation was, the teachers’ response was unanimous: the students! It is for them, that they have joined forces, only for them.

More than accessories

The magic materializes beyond the decor. Indeed, it is found in all areas of the school and in the activities offered. In particular, the sound of the bell has been modified to recall the theme. A magician came to amaze the students with his magic tricks. The teachers periodically put on their costume to make a moment of the day or of the week magical. During the back-to-school party, letters bearing the Hogwarts seal literally fell from school windows. Enthusiastic, the students seized on the precious letters in order to discover a message recalling, once again, the universe of Harry Potter. In one class, a password is requested to open a magic cabinet. “I told the kids, once a week we’ll put on our badges and some of our costumes”, said the third-grade teacher. It is touching to note that the little ones literally believe that their school is magical, while the graduating students have the generosity to amplify the feelings of the youngest by participating concretely in the fairyland. In fact, the sixth-grade teacher mentions that some of her students have devised magic tricks for their peers.

Undoubtedly, the magic has seized the hearts of the students who clearly show their pride and their sense of belonging to the project initiated by Guylaine Viau. Let us also underline the participation of all the teachers who have contributed to improving the premises through their dedication and contribution.

Mélanie Calvé

Mélanie Calvé


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