Well-being and mental health at school, both among students, young people and adults, as well as among staff, but also among parents, is the theme that will set the tone for the 12th Public School Week (SPEP) and associated activities. This initiative, set up by the Fédération autonome de l’enseignement (FAE), will take place from October 3rd to 10th and will be supported by its key spokesperson, comedian Philippe Laprise!

“School is a place of learning in all areas of life, and it is an ideal environment for the promotion, prevention and early intervention in mental health. Everyone knows that the last few months have not been easy. Teachers and students have all been tested during this year of the pandemic. They have more than ever realized the importance of supporting each other through the challenges and obstacles they face. Public schools must have the means to support the achievement and preservation of good mental health for all those who evolve there”, specifies Philippe Laprise, SPEP spokesperson for a 5th year.

“The effects of the pandemic bring their share of challenges for public schools. Teachers and students must deal with the many health measures as well as the switch to repeated distance education. Anxiety, psychological distress and isolation are also present for many of them. Each year, the SPEP highlights the importance of public school in Quebec society and this year, let’s make public school, which belongs to all of us, a place where we take care of each other more than ever before”, says Sylvain Mallette, president of the FAE.

A rich and caring program!

In addition to today’s launch, the 12th SPEP offers teachers and their students a rich program that focuses on public schools with a caring outlook.

Note that this 12th SPEP is supported not only by some twenty institutional partners, but also by organizations offering financial support, mainly La Capitale, but also the Caisse d’économie solidaire, the Caisse Desjardins de l’Éducation and Samson Groupe Conseil.

“Philippe, ZOOM avec nous!” Tour

Philippe Laprise will go on tour, both virtual and face-to-face, starting this week, in a total of 18 schools in Quebec, throughout the month of October. From preschool to adult education, including primary, secondary and professional training, these meetings promise to be entertaining, rich in emotions and inspiring, since they are always special moments where students, young people and adults can discuss with our spokesperson the various realities of their environment, their aspirations and their difficulties.

Mental health quiz

What are the clues that can make you notice that a classmate is in distress? These are the types of questions that will be answered by the students of Quebec who will participate in the SPEP Quiz developed in partnership with the Fondation Jeunes en Tête, which focuses on well-being and mental health.

About the FAE

The FAE brings together nine unions representing more than 50,000 preschool, primary, secondary, prison environment education, professional training, adult education and school staff at Peter Hall schools and the Centre Académique Fournier, as well as 2,300 members of the Association de personnes retraitées de la FAE (APRFAE). It is present in seven regions: Montreal, Laval, Quebec and Outaouais, in which the four largest urban centers
of Quebec are located, as well as in the Laurentians, Estrie and Montérégie.

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