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How does one retire? How does one know when it is time to retire? To retire or not to retire is the question?

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Fifteen years ago, we purchased this beautiful 103-year-old home. It came with revenue because it was housing for French and English semi- autonomous seniors.

My husband and I were 58 at the time and not ready to retire. This was the ideal situation for us. It Was also an opportunity for me to upgrade my culinary skills shadowing the amazing cook that was already in place at the time.

My forte is to care for people, shop, clean and handle the administration. My husband loves gardening and taking care of the property. This was a perfect situation for us.

During these last 15 years we have housed, nourished, and entertained at least 50 seniors. Having the seniors around proved to be a perfect opportunity for Pauline Wiedow and Montérégie West (MWCN) to create and implement activities for the seniors. It also included a large dining room which was perfect for the MWCN, formerly CECN, to hold our Board Meetings. I was part of the Board of Directors and could not leave the house in the evenings and so they came to me. This was my contribution for 5-6 years as secretary.

Volunteers from MWCN generously provided entertainment, gifts, accompaniment, and activities for our seniors.

The MWCN Board of Directors went from 6-12 members, and I was responsible for recording the minutes. This was the beginning of the expansion of the Montérégie West which now covers the vast territory with 5 MRCs and includes 85,000 English-speaking members.

My husband and I are now 73 years young and starting to find 24-hour service 7 days a week a little strenuous to say the least. It is with this in mind that we are contemplating some changes for our future and would like to pass the torch on to new members in the community who will continue to provide services to those who need being cared for.

The answer is becoming clearer as I write my reflections. I thank everyone who has been involved in our last 15 years of attending to many beautiful seniors. We have met so many compassionate families and professionals who are contributing to assisting and helping seniors to maintain a better quality of life. In this senior’s residence, that is like a home setting, we have had the privilege of accompanying the most vulnerable in the winter of their life.

This seniors residence, Maison Fleurie, is situated in Chateauguay.

For more information you can visit the website of the MWCN – mwcn.ca

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