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If someone had told me a couple of months ago that I would be waking up every Monday morning and going on a walk with a group of seniors, I wouldn’t have believed you. Here I was, a normal young adult, fresh out of school, and working full time in retail. I didn’t have much of planned besides trying to get my life together. I was stuck in a routine. I was beginning to feel helpless because I knew I had so much more to offer the world. The questions buzzed around my head. What could I do? Where could I apply? What path would I best be suited for? How would I get a chance to prove myself?

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I would find myself spending hours and hours scrolling through lists of jobs. As overwhelming as it was, I made sure to not lose hope because I knew if I stopped believing in myself, why would anybody else take the chance of believing in me?

There is an immense societal pressure to have and be something by a certain age, and this creates so much stress and self-doubt. You really start to believe that you can’t and won’t. I know that life moves at a different pace for everyone, some are lucky and achieve their dreams quickly, while for others it takes just a little a bit longer and there is nothing wrong with that. It certainly doesn’t mean that someone worked less hard. It simply means your something hasn’t come along yet. Hang in there!

This brings me to today, a door opened and here I am welcomed into this amazing growing organization called MWCN. Not only do they provide support to the English-speaking community of Montérégie West but they are also on a mission to offer health and social services to all in need. I feel very privileged to be working here and knowing I make a difference in someone’s life.

On my very first day, I walked through the front doors of the MWCN office in Pincourt only to be told that we were off to Bellevue Park to meet the seniors. Minutes later, I was greeted by a group of 7-10 seniors. They all had friendly warm smiles. I was introduced as the new office assistant, and well the rest is history! They welcomed me graciously and I felt like I had known them forever. Before I knew it, days and weeks went by. We share laughs, stories, experiences and everyone appreciates each other’s company. My walking group friends have made Monday my favorite day of the week. I appreciate the time we spend together and the opportunity to learn and listen to them all. I encourage everyone to never stop believing in yourself and what you can do, the world is full of endless possibility.

Annum Siddiqui
Office Assistant, Vaudreuil-Soulanges

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