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The Union des Municipalités du Québec (UMQ) invites municipalities across Quebec to once again participate in large numbers, in 2021, in its municipal employment plan for young people under youth protection.

Each year, 5,000 young people aged 18 leave the youth protection services and have to face the multiple challenges of independent living: finding accommodation and work, eating and continuing their studies. These young people have a small social and family network to support them in this transition and too often they find themselves on the streets.

The UMQ municipal employment plan for young people under youth protection therefore aims to better integrate these young people into their community when they reach adulthood, by allowing them to develop their employability through temporary employment within a municipality in their region. They can therefore acquire work skills, in addition to discovering the many skills and services offered by a municipality.

«In 2021, the municipal sector can once again make a difference in the lives of young people under youth protection, and promote their integration into their community through the UMQ’s municipal employment plan», indicates the president of the UMQ, Suzanne Roy. I invite all of my colleagues to support, again this year, young people of the DPJ in their region thanks to this great initiative with benefits.

Without revealing anything about the identity of the young people of the DPJ who have obtained this kind of help from the municipalities in the region, it would be wrong to think otherwise. Initiated in 2013, the program has since seen a steady increase in the number of participating municipalities. In 2019, 52 municipalities offered 107 jobs under the program. Over the past seven years, more than 500 jobs have been offered to young people under youth protection thanks to the Plan.

«Since the start of the health crisis, local governments have had to review their priorities and show agility, among other things in terms of the management of their human resources, in order to continue to respond effectively to the needs of their population, emphasizes Mrs. Roy. To elected officials who wonder if it is relevant for their municipality to participate in the municipal employment plan this year despite the current context, I would answer yes, absolutely. It is even more necessary than ever, when these young people must take up additional challenges that the pandemic may cause for them in terms of education, access to the job market and social support. Now is not the time to let them down.»

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, young people welcomed under the program will be well informed of the health rules in force even before their arrival in the workplace, in order to be able to carry out the tasks that will be assigned to them securely.


Last October, the UMQ entered into a partnership with the SIRCO Company in order to consolidate its support for young people under youth protection as part of its municipal employment plan. Under this three-year partnership, SIRCO will pay $ 5,000 annually to reimburse certain expenses necessary for young people to take up jobs offered by municipalities under the program (transport, equipment, refresher courses, etc.). In addition, the company will award an annual scholarship of $ 1,000 to a young person under youth protection wishing to pursue studies in the field of security.

Steve Sauvé


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