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Dialogue McGill is an initiative that provides language training and retention initiatives so that public health and social service professionals have opportunities to improve their ability to provide services in English. Through the McGill program, which includes tutoring and conversation clubs, health professionals voluntarily have the opportunity to improve their English in order to feel confident in serving the needs of the English-speaking
population of Quebec.

Dialogue McGill partners with English-Speaking Community networks such as the Montérégie West Community Network (MWCN) who’s own objective is to “Develop a strong and vibrant English-speaking community in Montérégie West” Each community network partner supporting the English-speaking community collaborates with bursary recipients requiring support to obtain a clinical practicum and, on completion of their studies, in their job search. All recipients of these bursaries must have the goal of studying or working within the field of health and social services.

This year the MWCN was happy to award two students with these bursaries. Each student was awarded the amount of $2,500 to go towards their studies. The first student was Justine Poulin, from Chateauguay, who is studying Community Recreation and Health Care at Dawson College. The second student was Delaney Roberts, from Pincourt, who was studying in Dental Hygiene at John Abbott College.

The MWCN is extremely proud to be apart of such a wonderful initiative, not only for the collaboration with the bursaries but also to support the future of access to health and social services in English for the minority populations within Quebec. When it comes to things as important as health, everyone needs to be able to communicate in a language they are comfortable with. Communication is key to providing a safe and secure environment for all members of the community.

MWCN and Dialogue McGill first partnered together in April 2018. Together they have awarded over 5 students with bursaries ranging from $2,500 to $10,000. These bursaries can go towards anything that helps students with their studies, whether it be for books, equipment or even travel to get to school. Anyone, who is studying in the field of Health and Social services in Quebec and wants to verify if they are eligible for a bursary can visit the MWCN website www.mwcn.ca then click on the Dialogue McGill tab.

With partnerships like this we will improve the wellbeing of members of the English-Speaking communities in Quebec and encourage those who would like to enter into the health profession.

By Ashton Wilson

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