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MWCN has been partnering with the McGill Dialogue since 2016. The program provides bursaries to those who qualify. You must be pursuing full time CEGEP, University studies or vocational training in the area of health and social services in a government recognized institution either in, or outside their region.

Executive Director Pauline Wiedow and recipient Eve-Laurence Miron. (Photo MWCN)

Eve-Laurence Miron from Valleyfield was the proud bursary recipient of a total of 10,000. She is working towards her bachelors in Social Work at the Université de Montreal at the Laval campus. Being the recipient of this bursary can be life changing to many. Here is what Eve-Laurence shared with us.

“What this bursary represents to me is a chance and an opportunity to continue my studies in a state of mind that isn’t encumbered with financial worries. In these troublesome times, we turn towards our health workers for support, aid and more often than not comfort for the future. This bursary is a chance for me to become the person to bring help to my community and to do so in both official languages. I want to thank MWCN for their support and kindness throughout this process and wish that one day, I can be out there, by their side, supporting and helping our communities.”

MWCN Executive Director Pauline Wiedow, recently presented Eve-Laurence with her second installment of 5,000 earlier in the month (January).

“For he who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.” – Owen Arthur

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Huntingdon Wellness Centre

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