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These quotes from our members are a wonderful reminder of the importance in keeping all lines of communication open, especially during these difficult times. MWCN continues to work hard to support and bring people together in several different ways.

“Thanks for all you do in trying to create and support community. Thank you… great work and super service to us all. Thanks to all of you for your continued presence!”

Making a phone call makes our day and it give us great joy to reach out this way. We notice how a person initially answers the phone and then once they know who is calling, their voice brightens up and that, to us is the best feeling of all.

Each week we send out a Happy Tuesday notice by email informing community on new health updates, online workshops and health talks, recipes, photos, jokes and much more to connect and give people a chance to get their minds off the everyday.

Learning something new at any age can be stressful and this is true, especially for seniors. Throughout the pandemic, we have seen many seniors that are new to technology and some, who, are looking to improve their knowledge and abilities to better connect with others. MWCN has been able to get community together online to offer workshops on many interesting topics such as Senior Loneliness and Isolation, Wills and Mandates, etc. We offer a How to Zoom guide that we share and are always available by phone to assist with technology questions.

The Wellness Center also offers a weekly reprieve by Zoom online visits all around the world with Elliott’s Thursday mornings, Trip Through Time. These workshops take people to a different country each week to learn more about its history and highlights, followed up with a group discussion. Each week Elliott is happy to see new faces.

MWCN will continue to strive and readjust our daily realities to be a support system for all our regions and their communities.

Kim Wilson
MWCN Chateauguay Valley

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