“The pandemic has really opened my eyes and everyone’s eyes to the importance of having easily accessible health care and how in need we are of professionals trained to work in this field.” – Chad Leduc

MWCN and Dialogue McGill are proud to support local future careers in the health sector by offering bursaries that assist students throughout their educational paths.

In the past 6 months, two local young people, Leslie Rogers and Chad Campbell have been awarded $5,000.00 each. These bursaries are available to students living in rural communities to encourage them to continue their education in any health studies like Institutional Home Care Assistance, one of the health care programs which is offered at the Chateauguay Valley Career Center in Ormstown, as well as all health programs in our CEGEPS and Universities.

Leslie is in her final semester in nursing at John Abbott College in Nursing and Chad is in his first year of a 3-year program in the Paramedic Care Program. Both winners credit their success with receiving these bursaries as they helped to cover extra costs of books, living expenses, tuition, etc. Working part or full time and going to school is hard work and any extra support is greatly appreciated.

Chad was asked what this bursary means to him…

“Allows me to feel more financially comfortable because it helps me to pay for my living and school costs. It allows me to focus more on schoolwork and studying rather than stressing about money and clocking in enough weekly work hours to cover the cost of living. I see it as a great opportunity and an honor to be welcomed back into the Monteregie to work and help the people who live there.”

“The MWCN as a whole was very encouraging and encouraged me to apply again in the future. Also, this bursary and what the MWCN is doing is a great encouragement and financial help to us as.”

These bursaries are open to people of all ages. For more information and how to apply you can go to www.mcgill.ca/dialoguemcgill/. For any questions or inquiries, contact Kim Wilson at the Wellness Center at 450 264-3596.

Kim Wilson
MWCN Chateauguay Valley

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