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Food needs are critical. Thus, the Moisson Sud-Ouest organization is continuing its major campaign “Pour arriver à nos faims”. Launched last July, the fundraising campaign aims to raise $ 1 million from the business community as well as $ 1 million from government authorities in the 3 RCMs served by Moisson Sud-Ouest. The goal is to build a warehouse that will meet the organization’s logistical needs, allowing it to meet demands that are increasing at the same rate as the food distress of its customers.

The logistical needs require double the space that is currently available, in the temporary warehouse, located in Beauharnois. Consequently, the funds raised within the framework of the campaign will be used for the acquisition of a new warehouse as well as for the equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the organization, which will make it possible to properly store the volume of food that comes in daily.

As soon as they arrive in the warehouse, each item received is recorded in a database, thus allowing the traceability of the donations. The major concern of the organization is not the lack of food donation, but the proper conservation of food, thus avoiding food waste.

Over the past year, Moisson Sud-Ouest has collected, sorted and redistributed more than 707,147 kg of food for a value of $ 6,851,843.69. The organization has helped more than 7,500 people per month, 40% of whom are children. The sustainability of the organization is essential to the community.

It should be noted that Moisson Sud-Ouest serves 82 accredited organizations from the 3 RCMs. Organizations are categorized according to whether they are primary, secondary and tertiary.

Primary organizations provide food assistance, working directly with customers in a situation of food insecurity. Secondary organizations are those that run collective cooking workshops, including family homes or shelters. Finally, tertiary organizations offer snacks, for example, to accommodation centers, schools or youth centers. Via the Moisson Sud-Ouest website, these organizations can order according to their needs and according to what is available to them. In addition to meeting their food needs, Moisson Sud-Ouest then delivers their order directly to simplify logistics.

Why a warehouse instead of taking that money to buy food?

Thanks to valuable partnerships, the concern is not to collect food, but to store it properly. The limitation of the organism is the storage space. The campaign’s objective is to double the area available in the current rental warehouse, from 10,000 sq. Ft. To 20,000 sq. Ft. This will increase the volume of food that can be stored and therefore meet greater demand.

Peer-to-peer campaign

Moisson Sud-Ouest invites companies to challenge their peers to raise funds in support of the Pour arriver à nos faims campaign. “A business can create a team with the goal of, for example, raising $ 1,500. Then the team can invite another company to take on the challenge of raising the same amount. People can go directly to our website, under the Campagnes tab, then under Pour arriver à nos faims and then by clicking on the link Collecter des dons pour la campagne”, says Geneviève Saint-Jacques Thériault, Director of Development and philanthropy.

Need food assistance?

Need immediate food assistance, but don’t know which organization to turn to? Here are the organizations accredited by Moisson Sud-Ouest.

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