The Ministry of Transport announces public consultations on the architecture related to the reconstruction of the Île-aux-Tourtes bridge.

The Department wishes to know the opinion of the population as well as their expectations in order to specify the nature of the structural and architectural treatments that will be proposed for the project. To do this, a questionnaire was put online. With an approximate duration of 30 minutes to complete, the MTQ wants the population to take the time to read all the information before answering the questions.

To date, several consultation activities on architecture and landscape integration have been organized by the ministry, including online consultations and discussion tables that were held in 2019. An architectural vision for the future bridge was developed by the ministry and the representatives of the community that were present.

The vision teaches us that the future bridge will be a sustainable infrastructure presenting a distinctive architecture that will focus on harmonious integration into the landscape while respecting the quality of the surrounding natural environment. The architectural treatment and improvements will help improve the users’ experience on the bridge and the perception of the infrastructure.

In order to have an overall vision for the future bridge, the ministry says it wants to create an interesting route, particular and specific to the project and its environment, all for road users and those of a multipurpose lane.

In the document, the population is questioned on the places where the MTQ should emphasize the route more strongly for road users (motorists, truckers, motorcyclists). What would make the route for road users (motorists, truckers, motorcyclists) interesting in terms of architecture, given the choice made, namely a steel-frame bridge without a cable-stayed structure, without an arch, as well as a multitude of questions that will allow engineers to develop a plan according to users’ expectations.

Steve Sauvé

Steve Sauvé


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