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The travel industry faces uncertain times. Airlines are cancelling flights. The Prime Minister of Canada is imposing new measures. Inevitably, travel agencies don’t have it easy.

Canada has suspended flights to Mexico and the Caribbean until April 30th. Returning travellers are now required to get tested for COVID-19 and spend three days at the hotel at their own expense. If the result is negative, the traveller returns home to complete their quarantine. However, if the result is positive, the traveller must do his quarantine in a public health center.

For several weeks now, Charles Lanctôt, director of the Agence de Voyage Nicole et Compagnie in Vaudreuil-Dorion, has been advising his clients against travelling. That if the customer still wanted to do it, that they signed a disclaimer document.

“Before the Prime Minister’s announcement, Air Transat and Air Canada had suspended several flights, said Mr. Lanctôt. There are Canadians who will be caught in other countries. The Trudeau government has already said that travellers will have to make arrangements. That Canada will not repatriate anyone. Under the current circumstances, it is not a good idea to travel.”

The call of the sun is always present. Charles Lanctôt said he is already offering trips for 2022. In fact, the demand for sun packages next year is already on the rise.


Several travellers are awaiting reimbursement for cancelled trips. For Mr. Lanctôt, this is unacceptable. “Canada is the only G20 country where customers have not been reimbursed. This is due to the inaction of our elected officials. Right now, the reality in the world of travel is deteriorating day by day.”

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