The Grove Hall is hosting dance classes every Friday until November 16. These classes are aimed at the beginners who would like to learn a few basic steps in classic dances: The Salsa, The Rumba, The Cha Cha, East Coast Swing and The Two Step.

The “class” portion of the evening will be for about an hour beginning at 8 pm. At 9 pm the doors will be opened and those who wish to join in may do so. The bar will be open for those who wish a little help getting limber.

New members always welcome, and don’t worry if you don’t come with a partner. It is very informal. The cost for each lesson is $10 per person. If you wish to come in for the evening dance at 9 pm, the cost is $5 per person.

“Dance like nobody is watching; because we aren’t. We are all staring at our feet!”

Mona Rochon

Mona Rochon


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