Habitat for Humanity, which built a semi-detached house in Ormstown in collaboration with the Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre, is still searching for a family to purchase one unit. The first unit was sold to a local family in February.


Habitat for Humanity’s goal is to sell affordable houses to families with low-income, who are unable to meet the usual requirement of a down payment. This is very often the main obstacle families face when trying to buy a house. Families selected for the purchase of a Habitat house must meet other criteria: their annual income must be between $38,000 and $55,000, and they must be in need of decent lodging. The families must also be willing to participate in the program through volunteer work, as well as meet with the media or other potential participants.

In order to achieve this goal, Habitat for Humanity relies on volunteer efforts. The family chosen must give 500 hours of their time to either their own house or another house built by Habitat for Humanity. They also rely on out- siders to give a hand voluntarily. The mortgage also goes to fund future houses in the program.

In this case, the students at Chateauguay Valley Career Education Centre built the house in sections, within the school walls. They learned as they built the LEEDS certified home. Students of the Rosemount Technology Centre’s Cabinet-making program (English Montreal School Board) also built kitchen cabinets for both units. And later this Summer, students in the Landscaping operations program will do landscape work for both houses, with the help of the families who will occupy both units.

In the next few weeks, 100 women will take part in the Women Build project, aimed at giving women new skills while making a difference in their communities. These women have to raise $500 each, to cover the construction costs, and have until May 26 to raise funds. You may go to www.womenbuildquebec.myevent.com to make a donation.

Although Habitat for Humanity was able to register the 100 women required for the program, they still need hostesses. Hostesses welcome women on building sites, and see to their well-being throughout construction work. If you would like to volunteer as a hostess, please contact Mrs. Anne Bergeron at abergeron@habitatqc.ca. She will be able to give you more information regarding the job description, as well as the requirements for hostesses.

Since Habitat is still looking for a family to purchase the second unit, those who wish to apply should visit www.habitatqc.ca. You can download an application form, which is available directly on the website. “You have nothing to lose,” said Mrs. Bergeron, before adding: “Do not hesitate to apply.”

Mona Rochon

Mona Rochon


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