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The sum of $ 50,000 was granted for the implementation of an initiative within the framework of Aide financière pour des projets locaux de vitalisation (Financial assistance for local vitalization projects). The announcement of this sum was made by the MP for Huntingdon, Mrs. Claire IsaBelle and the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

(Photo Claire IsaBelle)

“Once again, with the participation of our government, many projects will emerge in areas with vitalization challenges. This financial support will help ensure the occupation and vitality of these territories. Furthermore, the socio-economic benefits generated by these initiatives will benefit the population. They will also reflect on the whole region and it is something we can be pleased about!”, says Andrée Laforest, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing
The Municipality of Franklin organization received this amount for the improvement of physical and virtual agri-tourism infrastructure. This amount is part of the Soutien à la vitalisation et à la coopération intermunicipale (Support for vitalization and inter-municipal cooperation) component of the Fonds Régions et Ruralité. It will make it possible to act on the social, tourist or cultural level in areas where the indication of economic vitality is lower.

“The riding of Huntingdon represents a very pleasant environment to live, to come to while on vacation or for business, it is in particular thanks to the citizens who rejuvenate it with their interpersonal skills and their various projects. The energy and the efforts invested make our environment more attractive. Thank you very much for improving the quality of life of our community”, emphasizes Claire IsaBelle, MP for Huntingdon.

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