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The company Docteur du Pare-Brise de Valleyfield becomes the official partner of the 2.5 Litre class in the Hydroplane Racing League (HRL). Thanks to this partnership, the drivers in this class will be able to share a points fund which will be offered in the form of grants according to the final ranking of the 2022 season.

Young drivers like Mathis-Gabriel Chiasson aboard the “How” S-57 will benefit from the financial support of the official partner of the 2.5 Litre class, Docteur du Pare-Brise de Valleyfield. (Photo Pierre Langevin)

Daniel Allaire, owner of Docteur du Pare-Brise de Valleyfield, is no stranger to the world of hydroplane racing. A long-time fan, he was part of the nautical squad for 10 years, in addition to being a crew member of Hydroplane Racing League teams. Mr. Allaire has chosen to further his involvement by becoming an official partner of the 2.5 Litre class through his business located in Valleyfield.

The choice of the class was easy for Daniel Allaire since, according to him, this is where his financial assistance is likely to make the biggest difference. “The 2.5 Litre is the gateway for drivers. This investment could allow them to develop further and advance in the sport,” explains the owner.

Support all drivers

While many companies choose to partner with a team, Mr. Allaire sees this partnership as an opportunity to support all drivers. “This fund goes directly to the drivers and everyone can benefit from it,” said the man who is delighted to be able to contribute as much to the development of the drivers as to the class.

Daniel Allaire will be seen in the pits throughout the season as he will be a crew member of the “Canada Girl” S-757 team led by driver Stéphanie Blain. He returns as a teammate after a few years of absence, he who accompanied the “RTX Racing” GP-773 team of Martin Rochon in Grand Prix, then in Hydro 350 (H-773).

The 2.5 Litre class will feature eight or nine teams within the Hydroplane Racing League, which can count on the support of financial partners such as the Docteur du Pare-Brise de Valleyfield to make a difference in the sport of motorboating.

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